5 things I enjoyed about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Rogue One. It’s the movie that outlines what happens between Episode 3 and Episode 4. It’s the movie that explains why, why was that Correlian freighter being boarded in the opening scenes of A New Hope. It’s the movie that gracefully moves from the unknown (introducing an entirely new set of characters and back stories) into the known – the beginning of A New Hope and where we find out just what it took to get those Death Star plans. Here’s a short list of 5 things I enjoyed about this moving epic war movie.

1 – It’s a war movie. I’ve always been a fan of war movies, even the relatively boring and bad ones (Rambo part 2 and part 3 for example). War movies are typically historical stories full of details. Rogue One is a war movie not just because there are several skirmishes that include first person viewpoints, and lots of grenades, but because there’s never any doubt that whatever mission is about to be undertaken the chances are high it will fail and everyone will be either injured or killed. It’s a war movie because the “good guys” are rebels, always outnumbered, and usually at an offensive disadvantage. The Empire in Star Wars films are playing the role of the the Germans in WWI, the Japanese in WWII, or the French during the Industrial Revolution. The Rebels are the spies, ground troops, snipers and villagers who have nothing to lose, and while death makes them sad, it’s completely necessary. Everything is an impossible struggle and plans nearly miserably fail every time.

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2 – Everybody dies. Why do I like this? Because it means there likely wont be a Rogue One part two. There are enough Star Wars movies either completed or in queue, and we don’t need sequels and prequels of spin-offs. Rogue One is a moment in the timeline that describes a rich history, and then goes home. Rogue One doesn’t “Blilie” the Star Wars house party. Rogue One is Prince after he rulez that amazing guitar solo at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then gets in his limo out back as soon as the song is done not shaking hands or waving good night to the crowd. Rogue One runs out the back stage door and drives off.

3. Tons of battle scenes with amazing x-wing and y-wing pilot perspective shots. Remember how you loved that Death Star trench scene? Yeah, the producers know this and made more of it in this movie. Do you remember those upside down half helmet things the men in charge of firing the death star’s main deflector weapon wore? There in there, of course they are. The producers somehow managed to add scenes to Episodes 4,5,6 in Rogue One. Damn It Was So Awesome. X-Wings attacking AT-AT’s on a beach. Need I say more? I will.

4. The story was confusing in the beginning with lots of unknown references and locations. Why would I like this? Because I had to pay attention. It wasn’t just “oh so thats Darth Vader with Obi Wan and then of course they are going to do that because later in the series this other thing has to happen”. It was all new but it was Star Wars, so it was that special kind of new where you’re insanely curious what the hell they are doing with your favorite stories.

5. They tied light sabers and the Death Star together. Yeah, the megaweapon on the Death Star requires the same crystals as a light saber. The Death Star is a planet sized light saber! Good show! Jolly good show.