– Interview with myself about my trip to Argentina

23rd-Nov-2007 06:41 pm

I’m here with myself, which has returned just yesterday morning from six days in Buenos Aires Argentina.  I thought I would ask myself some questions about what sounds like an amazing adventure.

Me: So, how’s things?
Myself: Good. I’m a bit tired but overall, still glad to be back in front of my big teevee and games.
Me: Great. How was the food in Argentina? Was it all meat as advertised?
Myself: Yeah pretty much. A lot of beef. But also a lot of seafood. I had pink Salmon from Patagonia, and RB ordered Andes Lake Trout one night while dining at the hotel restaurant. But mostly meat all the way. Our first night there, after accidentally stumbling into a pickup joint on the corner, which looked like any other bar, we had the largest beef tenderloin I have ever seen. Basically it was 3-4 pounds of red meat heaven on a plate.  The waiter brings it to our table, and it barely had changed in size from the pre-cooked version.  I mean this thing was the length of one of those big plates that are oval shaped, like what you would serve a turkey on, but instead from stem to stern it was medium rare bliss.  The waiter then divides it in half with the side of a desert spoon.
Me: He cut it with a spoon?
Myself: Yeah. I thought, “ok now you’re just showing off!” It was nice. And cheap.
Me: Really, how cheap?
Myself: Well the Argentinian Peso has approximately 1/3 the value of a USD, so basically while the prices were in Pesos, they read like an American menu would in Dollars.  For example, we had two incredible bottles of Malbec from Mendoza, some apertifs, sides, limoncello shots, and I had a large beer. And of course there was this tanker ship sized piece of ex-cow.  The total was I think around 350 Pesos. Divide that by 3. Try and find that somewhere stateside.  Not shitty what-should-we-do-with-this kind of beef quality. More like, what-should-we-do-with-the-rest-of-this-animal-now kind of meat. DAMN.
Me: Wow.
Myself: That’s what I said.

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